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Understanding Empathy in the Veterinary Industry

Empathy is a loosely used word within the veterinary industry. But what is it really? Why is it an important quality for effective professionals?

Empathy is defined as the ability to sense another person’s emotions and imagine what the other person might be feeling or thinking. Meanwhile, sympathy is feeling bad for someone or being able to identify with what a person feels.

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Pet pug in a veterinary clinic

Key Reminders to Know when to Go to the Veterinary ER

When is it time to go to the veterinary ER? When is it OK to wait?

With the shortage of veterinarians in the field and the limited ability of the local ER clinics to accommodate the influx of incoming emergencies in recent years, you may have concerns if you have a pet that gets sick or injured when your regular vet is closed or unable to see you.

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NVH New Hours

Due to unforeseen staffing challenges, we have had to make some changes and adjustments to our emergency department hours of operation. We want to be able to serve the community to the best of our ability when your regular veterinarian is closed. However, in order to offer the best possible care, we need to have appropriate staffing levels.

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