5 Mistakes to Avoid with Growing Pets

Lovely woman taking care of her dog at home in the kitchen using a blanket to comfort her pet

Having pets is one of the best feelings in the world. However, helping them live their best life is not always an easy path to take. There are a few things that we unknowingly do that sometimes make their life a bit more challenging or could be detrimental to their health.

We’ve gone ahead to list down some of the common mistakes pet owners overlook or make when it comes to caring for their growing pets.

Pet owner taking selfie with her dog jack russell terrier for social media outdoors in park.

Keeping your pets all to yourself

While it’s a dream come true for some, it’s a bit disadvantageous for your pets. Take puppies, for example; you may be tempted a lot to keep your pet all to yourself, but what they really need is to interact with others – be it with new people or animals – for them to develop fully. 

Just like humans, dogs need to learn how to properly socialize. This is why some first-time pet owners would enroll their dogs in dog training classes so they can mix and remember to be with others aside from you. 

Another option to consider would be scheduling dog play dates with other dogs to learn how to interact well with others. 

Young woman cuts her claws with a nail clipper to her fluffy baby dog

Forgetting to cut your dog’s nails

Contrary to what others think, grooming your pet is essential. It’s not simply done for cosmetic reasons. Overgrown nails can cause problems that can eventually cause extreme pain and infection. It can also affect the way your dog stands and walks because long nails that constantly hit the ground put more force on the foot and leg structure of your pet. 

If your pet’s nails are left untrimmed, they eventually curve under the dog’s paws and can hurt and dig into the skin. This then harms your dog every time they walk. Medical problems will arise if your dog won’t get its nails trimmed regularly. Trimmed nails are a good sign of your pet’s health and hygiene. 

Wet cat in the bath. Funny cat.

Frequency of giving your pet a bath

Just because our dogs smell like dogs does not mean we should always give them a bath. A general rule is to bathe your dog once a month; however, the frequency really depends entirely on the breed and habits of your dog. 

While many of us believe dogs should be bathed every week or every other week, we should consider the breed of dogs to ensure that we provide the best care. The type of fur they have dictates the different bathing needs they have. Some of our dogs can go a long time between baths while others need to be bathed frequently, but we need to be wary of this because washing them dries out their skin. 

Short-haired breeds such as dachshunds can go a long time between baths because they shed regularly, and shedding removes excess dirt and oil from their skin. For long-haired breeds such as retrievers and other dog breeds that have water-resistant coats, it is recommended to bathe them every now and then to keep them from smelling.

Pet food in bowl

Feeding them the wrong diet

Our pets need to grow over the years, but we don’t want them to grow too fast become overweight. This will put pressure on their forming musculoskeletal structure, which can eventually lead to some orthopedic problems in the long run. 

It is recommended that you consult with your veterinarian about the best type of food you should feed your dog. Small dogs need energy-dense food, while growing larger breeds should have diets that permit slow but steady growth. Your veterinarian will be able to recommend the best type, even down to the measurement and frequency you feed your pets. 

Giving your pet vitamins or medicines intended for humans

Many of the over-the-counter vitamins and medications for humans are not safe for dogs and cats to consume. Your veterinarian would be able to provide you with the direct supervision and advice that will keep your pets safe and healthy. 

Never cross-use medication – dogs can’t use medicines designated for cats or humans and vice versa. Consult with your veterinary doctor to understand the type of medicine, dosage, and frequency when you should give medicine to your pets. 

Having pets involves cuddles and games of fetch; it requires hard work and dedication. It entails a lot of responsibility, and owners should avoid falling into bad habits. Are you guilty of the common mistakes we listed down? Don’t worry; there’s still time to correct them. 

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