5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

Kitten in the sun

Everyone enjoys the summer season. Swimming, hanging out by your deck with family and friends, even doing fun activities all throughout the day. When it’s warm outside, you’re not the only one craving fun times.

Our pets will want to spend plenty of time outdoors. As humans, we have the ability to sweat through the glands all over our body. However our pets, specifically our dogs, only have sweat glands on their noses and on the pads of their feet. There is a great chance they can overheat quickly if they spend way too much time under the sun.

Here are some useful ways to keep your pets cool, safe and healthy this summer season:

Keep your pets hydrated

Your pets can never have too much cool water during the summer months. Make sure you have multiple water bowls available. Monitor your pet’s daily water intake, depending on your pet’s diet and daily activity. You can add ice cubes to the water on warmer days to keep the water cooler for longer. Sometimes, it also helps when you give them an ice cube to chew on.

Keep your pet out of the heat

While we know they love running across the yard, it’s best if you keep them indoors and out of the heat when it’s really too hot even for yourself. You can also leave the central air on, and close the drapes. If you don’t have central air, you can open the windows and turn on a fan so that air circulates indoors. You may also want to see if a cooling vest or mat can help.

Seek out shady outdoor spaces

If you really need to take your pet out for a walk or to run around, look for shady outdoor spaces. Seek out parks and outdoor spaces that provide plenty of shade. Allow your pet to take frequent breaks in the cooler shade.

Walk your pet very early or very late in the day

You don’t have to worry about your pets missing their daily walks during summer. Outdoor temperatures are significantly lower early in the morning and late at night when the sun is no longer intense. This could help them a great deal. Plan to exercise your pets in those cooler hours.

Look out for signs of heatstroke

While you do ensure you do the earlier tips, it’s also important to recognize the signs of heatstroke from your pets, most especially if they are very young, old, or overweight. Pets experiencing heatstroke usually show signs such as heavy panting, rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, excessive thirst, lethargy, fever, dizziness, profuse salivation, and vomiting.

“Our best friends need all the care they can get most especially during the hot summer season. We can help them still enjoy running around and playing by following these simple tips. If you suspect your pet is suffering from heatstroke, move them to a cool place, wet their coat with cool water, and contact your vet immediately,” shares Dr. Jodi Novak, DVM, Northway Veterinary Hospital Medical Director.

These are just a few tips and tricks to make sure your pets stay safe this summer! Follow us on our Facebook page (@NorthwayVeterinaryHospital) and our Instagram account (@nvh_vet) for other useful tips and announcements.


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