6 Methods to Encourage Positive Behavior in Your Dog 

Bad Behavior

As pet owners, it is important to see and feel our pets happy with us. We strive to always provide them with proper food, ample love, and healthy life. However, getting our pets to follow our house rules is not always easy.  

Remember that teaching your pets basic commands such as stay, sit, and come will make you feel safer and in control of your dog. Training them is a way to bond with them and reinforce positive techniques that will never punish or frighten your pets.  

With positive reinforcement, you are able to reward your dog for good behavior and ignore him for negative behaviors. This tells your dogs that some behaviors are acceptable while others aren’t.  

There are various ways to encourage positive behavior in our dogs, and the most important thing is to reinforce the good behavior early on when your dogs are still at their puppy stage.  

Here are a few tips you can follow to raise your dogs: 

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  • Spend time together – Dogs never like feeling neglected or abandoned so it’s important that you make sure you spend enough quality time with them. Our dogs respond more to calm voices than abrupt ones, too.   
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  • Teach them one-word commands – It is easy for dogs, especially puppies, to understand one-word commands such as sit, stand, come, eat, stay, stop, and so much more. The key to starting positive dog training behavior is by starting this when they are young and awarding them with treats and praise when they are able to follow and display the appropriate behaviors.  
Young woman in yoga position balancing with her dog. Home online training with a pet
  • Make training fun – Just like humans, dogs do not really appeal to boring, strict, or rigorous training. Mix in a few games to train them quickly. This way your dogs will associate training with fun instead of something like a boot camp.  
People are doing exercises with their dogs
  • Practice daily exercise – Regardless of the season, it’s important for us to exercise our dogs regularly. Take your dog for a walk around the blog, hike a simple trail, or even explore new parks and places to keep your dogs moving.   
Jumping challenge between dog and kid
  • Don’t be afraid to challenge your dog – Dogs require both physical activity and mental stimulation so that they remain fit and happy. Keep our dogs active by teaching them new tricks inside and outside of the house. This way, they avoid falling into boredom and eventually end up barking, digging, and chewing various pieces of stuff around the house.  
Little dog bite, close up
  • Discourage biting and nipping – Puppies that start teething tend to chew on everything to relieve them of the pain. When your puppy starts nipping and biting, we recommend using an interrupter word to stop that behavior early on. Then when he follows, reward him with a treat so he understands what behavior you want.  

There are many ways to instill positive behavior in your dogs at the early stages. Make sure you follow some of these tips so that your pets will have a long, happy life.  

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