6 Things to Expect When You Bring Home a New Puppy

Puppy running

Excited to get a new puppy? Bringing in a new dog into your home requires a lot of planning. Before you adopt a puppy, you normally have to prepare treats and food, bowls for water and food, a leash and collar, a dog bed, some safe toys for your puppy, even down to talking to your family to make sure they don’t get over-excited once the new puppy arrives so you can train it properly.

If you’re one of the eager ones (and probably not your first time owning a pet), you have probably already scheduled a first veterinary appointment! Kudos if you have thought and gone this far! But what can you really expect when you get a new puppy? Will it be easy, fun, difficult, exciting? Probably all of the above!

Here is a list of things to expect (and prepare for!) when you decide to get a new puppy and bring him/her home:

Excitement through the roof

Puppies need all the freedom they can get but you have to keep in mind that you also have to teach him or her house rules to set boundaries and limitations from the beginning. You immediately establish the ground rules in your dog’s mind as soon as he or she enters your home for the first time.

If you let him or her run freely as soon as you open the door and let her in, you give him or her the message that he or she can do whatever it is they want. Pro tip? Remain calm, pick up your puppy and accept the dog into your home but do not give more than a minimum of attention or affection just yet.

Curious puppy

Always curious about his or her new surroundings

When you arrive home, you can keep your puppy on the leash so you can go around on a walk through the neighborhood. This is done to (1) lessen his/her excess energy and make him/her calm and (2) for the new puppy to get used to new smells, sounds, and sights.

Once done with the walk, lead him or her to your home. Bring the puppy to the front door but do NOT let him or her in first. You enter first. He or she is not allowed to follow until you invite her in.

A puppy running

Will want to run around the house

Once you’re inside the house with your new puppy, keep him or her on the leash and lead him or her from room to room. Use the leash to keep him or her at your side, and do not let her wander or sniff around. Go from one room to the next, spending a few minutes in each one before moving.

This way you establish your authority – you go in first, the dog waits for your invitation to either enter or leave. Try to be consistent as much as you can.

puppy on a leash

Overwhelmed with the changes in the environment

Because your puppy will probably be overwhelmed right now being in a new environment, it’s advisable to use less stimulation – no words, just utilize body language and minimal sounds to communicate and correct.

You can also bring your puppy to where his or her food and water will be after the tour. Offer a treat and some water, but not the entire bowl just yet.

puppy sleeping in a bed

Will find his/her own place

Because dogs are territorial, it’s best if you could have a special place for your puppy to stay. This is where you can finally let him/her off the leash. This usually could be her dog bed or easily a crat or corner in the living room. When you let him/her off the leash, you are communicating that this particular place or corner is his/hers.

Proud puppy

Will observe his/her new surroundings and the people in it

Once you’ve completed the first few tips, you have established yourself as the ‘alpha’ or leading by being calm and assertive. You can greet your puppy if he/she joins you in any part of the house but make sure to not go overboard with affection.

In order for your puppy to be well-behaved, you should already start teaching five basic commands from the first few days that you took the puppy home – sit, stay, down, heel, and recall.

These are just some helpful tips to keep your fur babies at home safe while still training them at a young age. Hopefully, all goes well! Who doesn’t love dogs, right? But if you need immediate help with your pets, you can definitely look for Northway Veterinary Hospital.

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