6 Ways to Show Your Pets You Love Them this Month and Every month!

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Aside from February 20 being celebrated as National Love Your Pet Day, February has always been a memorable month to show affection and express love for our loved ones and friends. But we should not forget to also celebrate our fur friends that have been with us for so many years.

When it comes to showing love to your pets, you don’t need to go crazy. You just need to make sure that you know what should and what shouldn’t be. For example, you know that chocolates are a big no while exercise is a good thing. There are a ton of ways to show them your affection and appreciation.

Here are six simple things you can do that will make your pet feel loved not just this month, but every day.

Morning Routine For A Pet Owner
Morning Routine For A Pet Owner

Feed your pets healthy food.

Just like how we care for ourselves, our pets also thrive more when they follow a healthy diet. It’s not about the calories you give but it’s about the quality of food you give. What you feed your dogs, for example, matters. Study what your dog eats and see what food she or he thrives on – what gives them fresh breath, what makes their coat shine, and what makes them happy all the time?

You can experiment a bit (but be cautious of what’s not allowed), so you can understand what works for your dog. It’s important that your pets stay healthy and stable so that you can continue providing them with the loving home that they need.

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Accept your pets wholeheartedly.

Our dogs have unique personalities, and dealing with a lot is not a cookie-cutter method. What works for one will not generally work for the other. All dogs are individuals and have different traits and that’s okay.

The greatest act of love you can show your dogs is to accept them for who they are. Never get caught up in the notions about how dogs should generally be. If you have always dreamt of having a dog that you could easily take to the park but end up with a very aggressive one, it doesn’t mean you can’t try some training and counter-conditioning. Always put what they need first then just focus on your idealized version of what a dog should be.

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Give your pets the attention they need.

Show them just how much they are loved. Take a few minutes off your busy schedule to cuddle with them. Give them extra treats now and then. Be more forgiving, and cherish all the times spent with them. Never forget to give them undivided attention from time to time. Your pets love you, so you should reciprocate that.

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Give your pets ample exercise.

Exercise helps your pets become healthy. Keep them active by letting them run around the yard playing fetch or tug, going on walks, or even just letting them play around. Give them an exercise regimen, as aligned and prescribed by their veterinarians.

Cats can also be given exercise by letting them enjoy outdoor walks wearing a harness and leash. These certain activities with our pets also benefit pet owners with their exercise.

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Help your pets conquer their fears.

Fear is a very strong force that can affect how your pets act – from retreating or shutting down to also becoming more aggressive. You can become great pet owners by enhancing your pet’s quality of life by helping them get over what they fear the most. You can work with a behavior consultant certified through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, so they can teach you effective techniques for eliminating your pet’s fears.

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Visit your vet for regular checkups.

One of the best ways to show you love your pet is by taking care of them and teaching them to tolerate going to the vet by providing them with treats to make the experience a bit more enjoyable. Don’t forget to schedule your pet’s annual checkup or find a trusted vet partner that will take care of your dogs the best way.

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