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Frequently Asked Questions

We first launched to offer high-level of specialty services available for emergency and ongoing diagnostic animal care. Most of our pet clients have their own daytime vets but when emergencies happen at the wee hours of the morning or when your regular vet is full, we are there to help.  

To ensure that we an offer our registered clients quality service and immediate care all throughout the week, we decided to start as a veterinary emergency clinic that is open 24/7. This means that your day vets can focus on delivering the highest level of pet care in the daytime while we at NVH do the same at night and on the weekends when you need them the most. Learn more about our key services here.

NVH is located at 35 Fawn Road, Gansevoort, New York 12831. We are just located off exit 17N on I-87. Turn left before Dunkin’ Doughnuts. 

Because of the COVID-19 restrictions and limitations, we recommend calling ahead and setting a schedule for our specialty services. The clinic is currently open from Monday through Sunday. We do our best to accommodate our clients who have immediate needs and while we are currently challenged in terms of staffing, our emergency services are also within a certain timeframe. Please click this link for this month’s operational hours 

Fill out our referral forms that you can find in our homepage or in our Referral tab. You may also call us at 518.761.2602 or email us at 

In cases when our emergency services are not open, you can find a list of local emergency animal hospitals here 

Payment in full is expected at the time of the service as this is the only way we can run a successful practice and be there for your times of need. Northway Veterinary Hospital accepts payments in cash, checks, and all major credit cards. 

However, your pet’s wellbeing is a priority and if you have financial difficulty, we should discuss this so we can work together to provide you with an appropriate level of care for your pet and the available payment options for you.  

We cannot guarantee that all of the treatments your pet will get will be covered by pet insurance. However, the majority of insurance companies will provide cover for emergency treatment received at the clinic.  

Pet insurance covers a lot of areas and we strongly recommend you check what is covered by your insurance before any emergency occurs. 

We can only see cases from clients that are referred to by our partner veterinarian hospitals. Other local practices will have their own after-office hours arrangement and you should get in touch with them to get ahold of their instructions.  

Most cases we see overnight will not necessarily require an overnight stay. If your pet needs to stay with us, we will keep your fully updated and informed, so you are aware of your pet’s progress and the necessary cost of treatment received. We will also advise your day practice and update them.  

If your pet is feeling better, we will then make arrangements to discharge them the next day for ongoing treatment with your regular vet.  

There will be cases where we may ask you to transport your vet directly to your regular vet for ongoing treatment but if there is any issue or concern if your pet is ready and able to travel, we will arrange for them to receive the best pet care onsite until they are ready and well enough to be transported.  

Please contact us at 518.761.2602 and some one will help you right away.

We have always believed that the best place for your pet to receive emergency treatment is in our veterinary hospital. We are able to access the full ranger of drugs and equipment that we may need to provide the best chance of your pet to make a full recovery. Bringing your pet straight to us for surgery will allow us to efficiently and effectively start treatment at once.  

But in some exceptional cases, our vet may advise that your pet would not be moved without any veterinarian supervision. At times like this, we will make arrangements to go where you and your pet are to further assess the situation and help transport your pet back to our hospital. This, however, will entail additional costs and will be discussed with you prior to the vet making the visit.  

Please be reminded that our vets juggle various pet clients and this means that there may be a delay in providing a visit when there’s another case that has to take priority. 

The NVH team works very hard to ensure that we are extensions of your regular vets. We send a full copy of our comprehensive notes to your daytime vet as soon as possible, as well as provide x-rays for any follow-up appointments you may have

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For emergency veterinary treatment and appointments, please telephone 518.761.2602.

35 Fawn Road
Gansevoort, NY 12831

P: 518.761.2602

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