COVID-19 Update

Northway Animal Emergency Clinic will remain open 24/7 to accommodate any emergencies your pet may have.

While we are all trying to navigate these changes together we wanted to let you know what you can expect if it is necessary to bring your pet to our hospital.

Emergency Services:

  • To help minimize the risk of exposure for both you the client and our staff we are no longer allowing clients into the building
  • When you arrive at the clinic please call wait in your vehicle and call our main number to let us know that you have arrived. Our client services team will get the required information from you and your pet will be triaged by one of our veterinary technicians.
  • Once the technician as gotten at history, they will come to your vehicle to get your pet and bring them inside for a full examination.
  • The veterinarian will then contact you via phone to determine the next steps. All communication from here on out will be via phone.
  • To limit exposure, we are currently not allowing personal items from home nor are we allowing owner visits while your pet is hospitalized.
  • All euthanasias will be done in our comfort room that has its own separate entrance. You will be instructed where to go by one of our client service members

Specialty Services:

  • Our specialists are still available for appointments and procedures per our normal schedule; however, they are following the same guidelines as above.
  • All consultations will be done via phone conversations.
  • Administrative and/or financial discussions can be over the phone or via email.

As this is a situation that is changing daily, we will post any changes to our policies as they occur. We realize these changes can be stressful for everyone, but we need to work together to keep everyone as healthy as possible. We thank everyone for their patience and cooperation during these challenging times.

NAEC Management and Staff


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