Message from NVH Practice manager Ciera Earl.

Northway Veterinary Hospital has not been able to offer 24/7 emergency services over the past few months due to staffing limitations. It is something that the veterinary industry has been facing across the country. 

Hear it straight from our Practice Manager Ciera Earl, and how our team is striving to find and recruit doctors to hopefully bring back our 24/7 emergency services again.  ” At Northway Veterinary Hospital we know that having to limit our emergency clinic hours has caused great hardship to our region. While it is true that we are not able to be open to accepting emergencies on weekends or during the night, we are doing our best to be open during the time when we have veterinarian coverage.”

“We realize that this is not ideal and that we certainly know coverage on the nights and weekends is critical to the pets in our area. We are doing everything we can to recruit more doctors to make this possible and hope that this is only a temporary closure. Emergency Veterinary Medicine nationwide is currently facing critical staff shortages, to the likes the industry has never seen. We appreciate everyone’s support and understanding while we navigate through this very difficult time,” she adds. 

For now, please continue referring to our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on the hours of our operations as they are subject to change because of staffing limitations. The team at NVH seeks and appreciates everyone’s understanding, patience, and support as we navigate through this very difficult time. 

Updated hours for January:

NVH January Emergency Hours

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