NVH Welcomes Cindy Becker as New Practice Manager


They say that commitment is seen not with the years you put in but in the work that you do.   

Northway Veterinary Hospital (NVH) is happy to announce the appointment of Cindy Becker as the new Practice Manager of the clinic, effective March 2022. Aside from being the current Head Office Manager, Cindy is taking on the role to run the practice and ensure that the hospital is able to meet the demands of its partners and patients.

“I am very much excited to lead the team in continuing what Northway has been known for – providing excellent pet care and emergency services to our growing list of clients. It won’t be easy with all the everyday challenges but it’s definitely worth trying,” shares Cindy Becker, new Practice Manager, NVH.

In her new role, Becker will be taking lead in supporting the veterinary doctor’s team and organizing all staff activities. She will hire, train, and periodically review practice personnel, and ensure compliance with workplace policy and all state regulations. Becker will likewise take the lead of customer service solutions and mediate client issues when the need arises. She will also take lead in providing financial services for the practice, which includes payroll, customer accounts, and overall clinic budget.

“Leading Northway will be a challenge that I am excitedly accepting. My predecessor Ciera has done a wonderful job at taking the helm and driving the success of Northway over the past years, most especially during the onset of the pandemic. It will be hard to fill her shoes, but I am confident that I will be able to lead the team in ensuring that Northway is still top of mind within the area. This is only just the beginning,” shares Becker.

Becker takes over the role of Ciera Earl, who has decided to focus on helping patients as a Licensed Veterinary Technician still at Northway.

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