The Truth Behind Well-Being in the Veterinary Industry

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The pandemic and the rise of pet ownership in the US has resulted in burnout at many veterinary hospitals across the country.

Vet work is fast-paced and oftentimes entails finishing late or being on-call overnights and during the weekends. The hours are long, and the lifestyle can take away time for hobbies, family, and even social life. This is why veterinary well-being should be prioritized by many practices across the country.

Many clinics have started launching wellness campaigns to help veterinary practitioners cope up with the emotional, mental, and physical struggles of their profession. Veterinary teams continue to go through a lot lately – the stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, burnout, and even being out of their comfort zones because of the increase in demand for their services.

Much experienced trauma and are suppressing emotions at work just to get through the day. It is recommended that veterinary teams try to process the trauma and let out the pent-up emotions. Having a good cry when you get home or even eating your heart out can help a bit.

Promoting wellness and wellbeing in the veterinary industry is very important most especially during times like this.

Why is wellness important?

A lot of professionals today value and understand the importance of having that better work-life integration. They do not necessarily want to work more than 60 hours a week. As companies and veterinary practices try to attract and retain new talents, it is crucial that you pay attention to creating a culture that promotes good well-being and a positive environment. Wellness is important across all industries but is particularly vital in veterinary medicine.

Having an open dialogue with your team can help in establishing a great wellness program. The more that you are able to work as a team but still be open about what you feel, you can surpass anything. Experiencing mental and emotional trauma is very daunting. Those in the healthcare industry are experiencing the impact the most. Our veterinary teams are no exception to this.

When people repress negative emotions, these emotions start to build up. And when kept inside, months down the line, they are most likely to have a mental breakdown, become physically ill, or wake up lethargic and uninspired.

This is why it is important to remind people to process that trauma by talking to someone – a friend, a family member, a colleague, or even a licensed counselor. Take advantage of any work benefits offered as well – any employee assistance program or any mental health benefit included in your healthcare insurance. Surprisingly, these can all be very helpful.

Your health matters

The well-being of veterinary professionals is one of the most important issues being faced right now as the pandemic continues to loom over all of us. Improving well-being is a shared responsibility that requires a committed effort by all the members of the community – veterinary practice teams, organizations, business owners, and even down to the pet clients all have important roles to play.

As veterinary professionals, we spend our days caring for others – our pet patients, clients, and even our colleagues. It’s crucial to take time for yourself. Our mental, emotional, and physical well-being depend on it, and surprisingly, so does our ability to care for our patients.

At Northway, we encourage our team to commit to self-care and recognize what we all must do to protect and improve our well-being so that we are also able to provide the quality emergency services and specialized services that we offer our pet patients.

Workplace well-being

Northway Veterinary Hospital, while we have always been known to provide 24/7 emergency services, has a few months back, decided to cut down on the hours of our emergency services due to the inadequate number of veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians who can attend to our clients.

And as we continue to speed up our hiring processes, ensuring that we have a healthy and supportive work environment is our priority. Supporting a positive environment can help boost productivity, increase job satisfaction, as well as help everyone focus on the important work of caring for our pet patients.

“We always put our doctors and staff as priorities when it comes to wellness and health. We do not compromise on our team’s well-being, so we can ensure that we are able to provide the transformational experiences that our clients expect from us. We aren’t denying that going through the pandemic and the continuous demand for treatment, consults, and surgeries can really take a toll on one’s well-being. But this is why we are in this industry. We love what we do. We love our pet patients and we really have a deep understanding of pet care. We aren’t backing down from challenges, and we hope that our clients see it, too,” shared Ciera Earl, Northway Veterinary Hospital Practice Manager.

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