Tis the Time to Keep Your Pets Safe and Healthy this Holiday Season

It’s really looking a lot more like Christmas already and it’s only the early days of December. And when you think about it, the holiday season is unusually one of the most dangerous times for our pets with all our year-end festivities and celebrations.  

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, candles being lit for the Christmas festivities, tinsel and mistletoe being displayed in your home – all these that seem normal to humans may be dangerous for our fur pets.  

We list down here some reminders in keeping your pets safe during the holiday season (without, of course, dampening the Christmas spirit!) 

Dog holding Christmas gold ordainments

Keep ornaments and Christmas décor away from your pet’s reach. 

While decorations look fun and festive, it is also very tempting for your pets to play with and ingest, which is not good for them. Ornaments, ribbons, tinsel, and mistletoes can be mistaken as toys so it’s best to leave those out of your pet’s reach at all times.  

Be careful with candles and lights during the holidays.  

Many of us are guilty of lighting up some candles to really have that aromatic scent of Christmas and the holidays. Despite how festive this is, your pet might unknowingly knock over candles if they are able to reach them. Consider placing it in a higher and safer place that your pets cannot reach. Make sure your Christmas lights are also hanging instead of being placed on the floor or stairs where your pets have access to it. They may end up chewing on the wires and experience severe burns or even get electrocuted if not monitored. 

Place plants away from your pet’s access.  

Poinsettias and lilies are common Christmas plants that a lot of us use but are extremely dangerous to your pets if ingested. It can be the cause of an upset stomach, irritation to the tissue lining the mouth or stomach, lethargy, and a few others. Make sure your plants are inaccessible to your pets.  

Avoid giving your pets holiday meals meant for humans.  

While we know that holiday meals are one of the best ones we have every year, they contain some of the best ingredients that, without a doubt, are harmful to our pets. Be mindful of what you feed your pets during the holidays. Never give them chocolates, grapes, raisins, anything with onions and garlic either. Let’s keep our pets safe and healthy this holiday season! 

Protect your pets from the gifts under the tree.  

Wait, what? If you have pets at home, you should always be on high alert when there are hazardous items brought to your house. When guests start piling in and give you and your family gifts, ensure that you watch out for gift tags your pets might chew off, or even check in if the gifts are pet-friendly so that you can place them out of reach from your little curious dogs and cats.  

Never give your pets alcohol. 

They say let’s all drink and be merry, but that doesn’t include giving your pet a sip of your alcoholic drink or a piece of your rum or fruit cake. They can end up getting poisoned and bloated from the excess carbon dioxide from ingesting yeast from the unbaked dough.  

These are just some of the top reminders we’d like to share from Northway Veterinary Hospital this holiday season. While spending the holidays with pets is always an exciting and enjoyable time, it is equally important to be mindful of these pet safety reminders. As pet owners, you can minimize the exposure to danger and experience a truly safe, happy, and merry holiday season.  

If you need any help with your pets, you can contact us at Northway Veterinary Hospital and we’ll do our best to help you. You can access the latest news and announcements from our Facebook page and our Instagram account.  


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