Vetster and VetTriage Online Services: Accessible Solutions to Immediate Veterinary Consultations

Vet triage and Vetster

The pandemic has rendered a lot of veterinary clinics across the country understaffed, leading to updates and changes in operational hours. But because at Northway Veterinary Clinic, our clients’ pet care is the core reason we are here, so we are aiming to get back on track and provide 24/7 emergency pet care services soon. But in the meantime that our operational hours are adjusted, we are trying to find ways to help our clients and their pets during the times we are closed.


VetTriage is one of the leading providers of veterinary telehealth services comprised of a team of experienced, compassionate licensed veterinarians from across the country.

What it’s all about: VetTriage is known to bridge the gap for pet parents in times when they are unsure and cannot reach their main veterinarian or are unsure that your pet needs an emergency hospital visit. Their veterinarians are able to view a live stream of your pets onscreen to assess the concern, consult and offer advice.

How it works: Easily connect with online veterinarians by visiting their website and clicking ‘Connect Now’ and entering the necessary information. Read more about how you can easily access, connect, and consult with a licensed veterinarian here.


Vetster is an online portal that connects clients to thousands of licensed veterinarians ready to provide the best online vet services through video chat appointments 24/7.

What it’s all about: Easily access the site online or download the app, schedule and book an appointment, and consult with a veterinarian on the next steps to monitor and care for your pet. Vetster takes care of connecting you with a licensed veterinarian in minutes to offer quality advice from the comforts of your own home.

How it works: Booking an appointment on Vetster is pretty easy. All you need is to access the website online or download the app. Once you gain access, you can search by location, availability, species treated, and such. Schedule and book a vet and then connect with them via video call. Read more about it here.

These are some online vet services that can help clients be at ease when our clinic is closed for operations. If you feel your pet is not in imminent life-threatening danger but you’re worried about them and are unable to wait until Monday morning when we are open, you can easily visit both VetTriage and Vetster and do an online consult.

“The past few months have been challenging for our clients across upstate New York and we recognize this. We are trying to find solutions for our clients and their pets when we at Northway are unable to operate due to our new operational hours. VetTriage and Vetster are trusted online vet portals that can help ease our clients’ immediate concerns. We want to be able to still help them until the time we are able to go back to providing 24/7 operations for emergency services,” said Ciera Earl, LVT, VTS (ECC), and NVH Practice Manager.

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