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Northway Veterinary Hospital Emergency and Specialty Services is a privately owned and run veterinary specialist and emergency center situated in Gansevoort, NY just north of Saratoga Springs.

Our team of experienced, passionate, and caring vets and vet techs are here to ensure you have access to the best available emergency and specialty veterinary care in Upstate New York. When your vets are closed, you can be assured that you will be supported when you need us the most.


Have an emergency? We are open 24/7/365 for pets requiring immediate assistance.


Please call us right away if you feel your pet is experiencing an emergency.


NVH is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for patients, clients, and our employees.

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Related news on the COVID-19 and NVH policies on the matter.
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Why should you refer to Northway Veterinary Hospital Emergency and Specialty Services?


Because our practice offers a group of specialists, each expert in their own field. We also proud to have a customer service support system that is second to none
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We give patients a comprehensive and integrated treatment

Close up of surgery team operating

Elite Veterinary Surgery

Led by Dr. Chloe Wormser, VMD, DACVS, the Elite Veterinary Surgery is a surgical referral practice offering advanced surgery and expertise in client care in Upstate New York.

Doctor examining the x-ray image

Clearview Radiology Services 

Working closely with Clearview Veterinary Imaging, our goal is to collaborate with pet owners, primary care veterinarians, emergency veterinarians, and other veterinary specialists to develop and execute the best diagnostic imaging strategies for our patients.   

Medical theme. Diagnostic mri center in hospital, monitors of computer with human brain on it.

Our team of highly-trained doctors and support staff combine their collective knowledge and skill in the treatment of companion animal medical conditions. We provide 24-hour care in a team-based approach and serve as an extension of your family veterinarian.

Our medical team values the use of cutting-edge technology and the most current literature in diagnosis and treatment modalities, as these are essential in providing the best possible patient care.

What to expect

It is important to us that you and your pet have the best experience and care possible!

You will be greeted by one of our receptionists who will assist you and your pet, and check them in for their appointment. In an emergency situation, your pet will be taken immediately to the back for our staff to tend to and our team will get vital information from you.


News & Articles

News Alert: New Emergency Hours for Nov. 25-28, 2021

We have updated our new emergency hours for the next two weeks beginning August 1 to 15, 2021. While it is not the best case scenario for us, we had to make some more adjustments to our operation hours given the challenges in staffing. The setback in staffing is something that is experienced not just in our clinic but across the country.

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Understanding Empathy in the Veterinary Industry

Empathy is a loosely used word within the veterinary industry. But what is it really? Why is it an important quality for effective professionals?

Empathy is defined as the ability to sense another person’s emotions and imagine what the other person might be feeling or thinking. Meanwhile, sympathy is feeling bad for someone or being able to identify with what a person feels.

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Globe and stethoscope on blue background, world health day concept

The Truth Behind Well-Being in the Veterinary Industry

The pandemic and the rise of pet ownership in the US has resulted in burnout at many veterinary hospitals across the country.

Vet work is fast-paced and oftentimes entails finishing late or being on-call over nights and during the weekends. The hours are long, and the lifestyle can take away time for hobbies, family, and even social life. This is why veterinary well-being should be prioritized by many practices across the country.

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Puppy running

6 Things to Expect When You Bring Home a New Puppy

Excited to get a new puppy? Bringing in a new dog into your home requires a lot of planning. Before you adopt a puppy, you normally have to prepare treats and food, bowls for water and food, a leash and collar, a dog bed, some safe toys for your puppy, even down to talking to your family to make sure they don’t get over excited once the new puppy arrives so you can train it properly.

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Pet pug in a veterinary clinic

Key Reminders to Know when to Go to the Veterinary ER

When is it time to go to the veterinary ER? When is it OK to wait?

With the shortage of veterinarians in the field and the limited ability of the local ER clinics to accommodate the influx of incoming emergencies in recent years, you may have concerns if you have a pet that gets sick or injured when your regular vet is closed or unable to see you.

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